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Underground Railroad Badge

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undergroundrailroadjbpgsbdc.jpgUnderground Railroad Underground Railroad is a Junior Badge from the Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council. - - Contacted Council this month (July), Council will discontinue this badge September 2013.

Girls will learn about our rich history while exploring the Underground Railroad. Many areas of Black Diamond Council were important stops along the Underground Railroad. Girls will develop an understanding of “the drinking gourd” and discover who was involved in the “Society of Friends”. By learning about a part of our history, girls will become more responsible citizens and respect and celebrate differences in others.

For Junior Girl Scouts, complete 8 activities, including the starred activities.


  1. *Learn about the Underground Railroad. What is it? When did it begin? Why was it created?

  2. Find a map of the Underground Railroad and learn about the routes taken by the slaves.

  3. Define the following words: Freedom Seeker, Conductor, Fugitive, Stationmaster, Station, Runaways or Escapees, Slave or Enslaved, Slaveholders, and Soul Catchers.

  4. Find out about a minimum of 6 "Faces of Freedom" in addition to Moses.

  5. *Who is Moses? Why was the person named Moses? Why was Moses so important to the slaves? What other things happend to Moses before they became Moses?

  6. Find out how the slaves from the South found their way to freedom in the North since they had never left the plantations before.

  7. Learn about 2 of the songs of the slaves and their hidden meanings.

  8. What other events took place at this same time in history?

  9. What is the Emancipation Proclamation?

  10. Find out about some sites that served as Underground Railroad sites. Are their any in your community? Visit [WWW] for some listings in Washington Co. Ohio. Are any of these sites listed as National Historic Landmarks?

  11. What is the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and what did it mean for the slaves?

  12. Learn about the National Underground Railroad Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can plan a visit or you can do a virtual tour at [WWW]

  13. Define Abolitionist and find 3 people who helped with the Underground Railroad.

  14. What is the Mason-Dixon Line and what did it mean to the slaves?

  15. What did the slave children do during the day?

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