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Miss Manners Badge

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missmannersjbpgscin.gifMiss Manners Miss Manners is a Junior Badge from the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Council.

Do 6 of the 10, including #10, which is required.


  1. Art of the handshake – The handshake is often the first impression you will make on someone. Research greetings used in other cultures (bows, waves, handshakes, etc.) Have an adult demonstrate basics of handshakes with you. Practice with 10 people. What feels “right”?

  2. Phone Manners – Do you know how to talk politely on the telephone? Practice the following type of phone calls with a partner:

    1. Making & receiving a wrong number call

      b. A call for another member of your family who is home

      c. Taking a message for a family member who is not home

      d. Call a business to ask for information (does a store carry a certain item, what are the library’s business hours, etc.)

      e. Offering babysitting services to a neighbor

  3. Table manners – Talk to a grandparent or other older adult about table manners when they were young. Discuss table manners with your troop or family. Practice using good table manners during a family dinner.

  4. Thanks! Write a thank you note for something nice that someone has done for you or for a gift you’ve received.

  5. Observe several instances of customer service. (Checkout or customer service counter in a store, checkout in a library, service in a BMV, gas station, etc.) What do you see? (From the customer and service person both.) How would you improve it?

  6. As you leave a meeting or church function, hold the door for everyone who comes behind you. How do people respond?

  7. Talk to your parents about what constitutes courteous driving. Ask about road rage. Contact your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles and ask about driver courtesy.

  8. Talk to someone over 60, your parents, AND someone in their 20s. Ask about courtesy and manners in their childhoods and how it compares to our culture now.

  9. Watch 2 or 3 ½-hour TV programs with your parents. Evaluate and discuss manners and courtesy as portrayed. What would you do differently?

  10. Do a project where you directly interact with “customers”. Write a reflection on how easy it was to be courteous and how your experience might be different with a different group of customers. (Example: serve lunch at a soup kitchen, serve coffee & doughnuts after church, help distribute clothing to homeless people, pass out flyers, etc.)

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