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Marvelous Mystery Try-It

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marvelousmysterybtipgsbdc.gifMarvelous Mystery Marvelous Mystery is a Brownie Try-It from the Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council.

Girls will learn about deduction, problem solving, and detective skills through chemistry magic, a trail mystery, decoding secret messages, or mystery prints, pictures and games. Girls will have fun with brain teasers, science experiments, mystery games, crafts and more.

To earn the Marvelous Mystery Award, Brownie Girl Scouts must complete 4 activities.


  1. Science Mystery: Solve a science mystery. Try “Science in Action” or “ Science Wonders” on pages 126 - 133 of the Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts, or try your own science mystery. What happens when you hold a book up to a mirror? Why does it happen?

  2. Trail Mystery: Plan a special outdoor activity. Learn some outdoor skills that will help you explore out beyond your neighborhood.

  3. Mystery Message: Do you know what Morse Code is and how it is used? Read a coded message. Make up your own code, you and a friend may exchange coded messages.

  4. Mystery Prints: Learn how to fingerprint. With help from an adult, fingerprint yourself. Many communities have programs to fingerprint children, does yours? Look at your fingerprint and compare your print to someone else’s.

  5. What Am I?: Play the game “Twenty Questions.” What kinds of questions did you ask? A detective needs to ask the right questions to solve a mystery.

  6. Mystery Pictures: Make rubbings of at least three things. Have others try to guess what objects you used.

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