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Lighthouse Badge

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lighthousejbpgscsnj.jpgLighthouse Lighthouse is a Junior Badge from the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey Council.

The purpose of this Junior Proficiency Badge is to educate Girl Scouts about lighthouse history and the restoration and preservation efforts to maintain them.

Do six activities to earn this Junior Proficiency Badge.


  1. What is a lighthouse and where are they located? Why are they located there?

  2. Look at pictures of lighthouses near you or you would like to visit, then do one of the following: Make a model of it out of clay, paper, paper cups, or paint, color or draw it. More – design your own lighthouse.

  3. Read stories about haunted lighthouses and lighthouse lore. Examples: [WWW] or [WWW]

  4. Learn about at least one female Lighthouse Keeper.

  5. Find out about the history of lighthouses and lightships.

  6. Do a service project of your choice that would help preserve a lighthouse, or spread the information of lighthouse preservation efforts.

  7. Learn the lighthouse terminology.

  8. Visit a lighthouse, either online or in person.

  9. Find out interesting facts about lighthouses and share with others.

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