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F.A.C.T. (First Aid for Children Today)

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FACTaaapgsccva.gifF.A.C.T. F.A.C.T. (First Aid for Children Today) is an All Ages Award from the Girl Scout Council of the Catawba Valley Area.

Who can earn this patch?

All Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts can receive this patch for completing the F.A.C.T. program.

What is the purpose of this patch?

What does this patch kit contain?

The kit contains six lessons on first aid, healthy living habits, personal safety, injury prevention, road safety, and environmental health.

Each lesson covers health and safety issues, focusing on awareness, prevention and response. The program is geared at the second grade level but can easily be adapted to children ranging in age 5 to 8. A leader may wish to cover only some topics or parts of topics depending on the level of the children and the time available.

A list of supplies that the leader needs for each lesson is listed. Parent letters are included so parents can reinforce the learning at home. Depending upon how much is discussed on each lesson the course could last 10-12 hours.

Who can teach this program?

Cadette and Senior F.A.C.T. Program Aides or any adult may teach this program.

How can I get this kit?

Check out a F.A.C.T. teaching kit (Leader's Guide and posters) from the council library. Order 1 participant's activity book (Cost - $1.50) per girl from the Council Store. A certificate is included in the book.

Who keeps records of how many girls take this course?

We have entered into an agreement with all the Red Cross Chapters in our council area to conduct this course. An attendance form (on patch order form) must be filled out upon completion of the course, whether you order the patch or not, and turned in to the Vice President of Program Services and Property at the Girl Scout Council. These numbers will be compiled and turned in to your local Red Cross for their records.

What do girls receive for their participation?

A participation patch is available from the Council Store for $1.50 per patch.

A [WWW]F.A.C.T. Report Form is available to send to the council after your troop completes the patch program.

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