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bowlingippgscsnj.gifBowling The Bowling IP is an interest project from the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey Council.

Skill Builders

  1. learn the safety basics, and rules of bowling.

  2. Take a tour of a local bowling alley. Try to learn how lanes operate.

  3. Learn some warm up exercises important for bowling. Be able to demonstrate them.

  4. Learn the correct way to handle a bowling ball: how to pick it up, hold it, the correct hand position and release, and the pendulum swing.


  1. Learn how to keep score for a game (strikes and spares included)

  2. Learn to bowl on-line: [WWW]

  3. Go online, and look up the history of bowling.

Career Exploration

  1. Learn about available careers in bowling, and describe some careers available.

  2. Find out about pro bowling.

Service Projects

  1. Help a younger girl (or troop) earn the Try-it or Junior Bowling Awards.

  2. Volunteer to help out at a bowling alley.

  3. Clean up litter outside a bowling alley.

  4. Create a poster or booklet with bowling tips, and share them with someone else.

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