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Bowling Badge

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bowlingjbpgscsnj.jpgBowling Bowling is a Junior Badge from the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey Council.

Requirements: Complete 8 activities, including the 4 starred requirements.


  1. *Learn and practice the basic safety and etiquette rules of bowling. Be able to explain them to others.

  2. Learn how to select and care for bowling equipment. Visit a Pre Shop and see what equipment and services are available.

  3. Learn some warm-up exercises necessary for bowling. Demonstrate them.

  4. *Be able to demonstrate the correct way to handle a bowling ball; to pick it up, hold it, proper hand position and release, the pendulum swing.

  5. Learn how to keep score and act as scorekeeper for at least one game.

  6. *Be able to describe some common bowling injuries. How can they be avoided? Demonstrate or explain how to give first aid to an injured bowler.

  7. Be able to give a brief history of bowling. Describe two other games that are similar to bowling.

  8. Learn about tournament play. Participate in at least one type of tournament game.

  9. Lean about careers in bowling. Be able to describe some careers available.

  10. *Bowl at least one game a week for 6 weeks.

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